Maitreya School

A Mystery School is a place and time to look deeply into the wisdom of our human spiritual heritage. It is a university of the soul. It is a chance to gain fresh insight into the nature of ourselves and the world in which we live. It is an opportunity to be a part of a powerful learning community.

What is the Universal Door Mystery School?

The Universal Door Mystery School is unique. It offers direct training in the art and practice of engaged Buddhism. It allows you to experience the ocean of timeless compassion in your body and mind. It opens the dimension of profound action to us as Bodhisavattva. A Bodhisavattva is an enlightened being who out of compassion forgoes nirvana in order to help liberate others from their suffering.
The Universal Door School provides an opportunity to nourish your mind of love with joy, confidence, energy and community. Through this continuous awakening of our hearts and minds we can become the hands and arms of enlightenment and carry out the work of healing, transformation and reconciliation in the world.

You will learn:

  • To identify, develop and sustain your own resources for great mindfulness, concentration and insight.
  • To manifest your best self in every kind of circumstance in order to help.
  • To cultivate the skillful means of looking and listening deeply to the human and natural world.
  • To enhance your ability to serve through a new quality of personal presence. 


Who can attend a Mystery School?

The school is open to all who desire to improve their capacity to love, understand and to serve. Seekers, beginners and the experienced practioner will all find real benefit by attending.
“This is the great insight of the Mahayana-that everyone can become a Buddha What Siddhartha achieved, all of us can achieve, whether we are a man or woman, no matter what social class or ethnic group we were born into”.-Thich Nhat Hanh

The Universal Door Mystery School can be scheduled in any retreat location with a minimum of twenty participants and is held over four to seven consecutive days or one weekend a month for several consecutive months.