The Mindfulness Mastery Program

The Lotus Institute
The Mindfulness Mastery Program
11920 SW 148th Street, Vashon, WA 989070

The Lotus Institute is pleased to announce our first Mindfulness Mastery Program that will be held on Vashon Island off of Seattle.  The program will be directed by Drs. Larry Ward and Peggy Rowe.  We see this as a training program for individuals wanting to deepen their spiritual practice in Buddhist teachings and who want to be able to be more skillful and comfortable in facilitating the mindfulness practices in their homes, organizations, and communities.

We will meet for 6 Saturdays on a monthly basis beginning in January 2017.  The morning will be silent practices that include sitting meditation, walking meditation, sutra study and a dharma talk.  Each afternoon we will explore mindfulness research, the neuroscience contribution to mindfulness, mindfulness facilitation and community building.  Students will take turns facilitating the core mindfulness practices and will benefit from learning in a cohort group of practitioners.

At the end of the 6-months we will have a ceremony of completion.  There will be powerful and informative homework that will nourish and strengthen your spiritual practice.  Our intention is to help to nourish, strengthen and cultivate a mindfulness learning community.  We anticipate teaching and inspiring each other and learning how to support each other and together help to build our communities and ourselves.  This is the right time.

1. The Mindfulness Movement

Increasing our understanding the mindfulness movement by overviewing 21st century learning’s and applications, reviewing the nature and science of mindfulness, as well as its psychological and physical benefits.  Dissing the emerging frontiers.

2. Communicating with Mindfulness

Here we recognize the power of speaking and listening with mindfulness. We will enhance our
abilities to listen within and beyond the words through emotional intelligence practices. 
 we will gain insights in becoming more skillful in responding to Questions and Answers.

3. Cultivating Skills in Teaching Mindfulness

Be introduced to the stages of Mindfulness Mastery as a learning journey. Increase your skillfulness in the art of experiencing, constructing and leading mindfulness meditations. Join discussions
Looking deeply at the motivations, challenges and creative breakthroughs in developing Mindfulness practices for self and others.

4. Deepening your Connection with the roots of Mindfulness Tradition.

Engage with the foundational Mindfulness texts and practices in order to identify their meaningful relevance for today’s living and working environments’. Exploring current issues with language,

5. Exploring the Cutting Edges of Contemplative Leadership

Learning to cultivate states of mind that are both relaxed and alert; while healing aspects of our conditioning that may be in the way. The strength of our emotional and intuitive intelligence is a vital source of our effectiveness and joy.

6. Methods and Practices of Mindful Self-care.

Learning to nourish oneself deeply in the midst of daily life.  Explore skills of cultivating internal/external resources. Discover the nature of habit creation and transformation.  Clarifying and mapping your mindfulness aspirations for self and those you serve.

Program Fee:

The Lotus Institute offers a sliding scale fee of $75 - $95 for each session.  Please commit to the entire program.  If you have to miss a session we will have make up assignments so that you are able to complete the program and receive the Certificate of Mindfulness Mastery.  We do have some scholarships available.


Saturday January 7, March 4, March 25, April 29, May 20 and June 17 2017

For Information and Registration:

Please call or write Peggy Rowe or 360-544-2496

We hope you can join us!