Donate/Patreon Sign Up

Many of you have asked how you can support the work of Lotus to help make teachings, classes and retreats more accessible. Patreon is the vehicle we've chosen to do this!


Q: “I don’t want to give you money every month. What if i want to just donate money to you once, or when I feel like it and/or am able? I’m not comfortable using Patreon"
A: That’s totally ok. You can make one-time donations through paypal (you don't need a paypal account), by clicking the donate button below. If you want to make a quarterly or yearly payment to Lotus via check, email lotusteamhelp at gmail dot com and our Operations Director, Kim, can assist you.

Q: "I have a question about your Patreon, who do I talk to?”
A: Contact Kim and she will help you!
Email- lotusteamhelp at gmail dot com

Q: I have security concerns, is Patreon secure?
A:  Patreon processes payments through industry standard third-party processors like Stripe and Paypal. You can read a detailed account of Patreon’s privacy policy here, In their privacy policy there are also links to Paypal and Stripe’s policies.

Q: "Will people who don’t support you on Patreon get access to things you do? I want more people to have access”

A:  Yes! Our goal is to make the teachings available to as wide an audience as possible as affordably (or in most cases, free) as possible. Your support helps make happen, and it gives you access to participation in a community of other supporters who help us figure out how to do it and celebrate the doing together!  

Q: “Are you a non-profit?”
A: Yes, we are! Your Patron contributions are tax-deductible and all money goes to support the work of the Lotus Institute Team.

Q: “Can I opt-out once I sign up?”
A: Yes! You can opt-out at any time. Once you opt out you will not be charged the monthly contribution amount you chose when you signed up. You can sign up again at any time!

Q: "Does Patreon accept Paypal?"
A:  Yes, Paypal is accepted!

Q: “I have privacy concerns. Is my anonymity protected?”
A: Yes! You have the ability to control how/if you show up as a Patron for Patron only and public Patreon discussions. You can choose a username that is comfortable for you to display to other patrons and the public.