Retreat Planning

Guide to a Mindfulness Retreat
This is the booklet to send out to all participants who sign up for an upcoming retreat.  Please encourage all participants to read this guide through before arriving at the retreat so they know what to expect.

Darma teachers Larry and Peggy usually include group singing in their retreats.  It creates a beautiful opening before a morning talk, a peaceful way to cultivate joy before walking meditation, and a beautiful way to end a retreat together.

Here is a song sheet to print out for your upcoming retreat so all participants can read the lyrics as and sing along. (click on the image to the right to view and print the song sheet)

Our Teacher and Peggy Rowe
Five Mindfulness Trainings
A retreat with Larry and Peggy should include a Five Mindfulness Trainings ceremony.  There should also be a chance for all participants to discuss the trainings with other sangha members beforehand.  Below is the text of Five Trainings and the application that should be made available to all participants starting at the beginning of the retreat.

For retreat planners, here is a version of the Five Mindfulness Trainings ceremony that will be offered. It is made available for planning purposes only, as the actual ceremony text will vary to fit the people and place it is offered.

Click Here to download the Five Mindfullness Trainings text and application for retreat members