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The Lotus Institute
2018 Teaching Schedule

February 2 – 8 Mexico City, Mexico The Rising Morning Sun: The Heart of Great
Action of Samantabadra-Hanh- Bodhisattva Mystery School
March 21 – 25 Columbus, Ohio Residential Retreat

April 9 – April 15 Camp Indianola near Seattle- Residential Retreat, Crossing the
Mercy Bridge: 33,000 Faces of Compassion of Avalokitesvara- Bodhisattva Mystery School

May 24 – 27 Boise, Idaho Residential Retreat

Larry giving a Dharma talk in Bangkok (with help from a friend)

Participants walking the labyrinth at the 2017 Columbus, OH retreat

2017 Women's retreat in Texas
Peggy and Sister Peace sharing the dharma in Botswana

Mexico Retreat 2017