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Ancestry in Progress, Mindfulness Retreat, Oct 25-27 at Chamounix Mansion in Philadelphia, PA. The retreat center has mixed accessibility but is predominantly wheelchair accessible. For information about the accessibility of the retreat spaces, please contact us at manyfacessangha at gmail dot com.

Rooted in Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s Plum Village tradition, and influenced by learning from/practicing with mindfulness and meditation practitioners of many identities. Led by senior, non-monastic dharma teachers Dr. Larry Ward and Dr. Peggy Rowe Ward and hosted by Many Faces Sangha in Philadelphia.

This retreat is centered on creating a mindfulness practice retreat space for Black, Indigenous and other People of Color, gender expansive/fluid folx, LGBTQIA, youth practitioners 18 and over, community organizers and others on the east coast who are typically marginalized in wellness/spiritual circles. All are welcome to attend, and, we are holding the majority of spaces for folx in these intersections.

please fill out the following registration form. once you hit submit you will be taken to a payment page to make a deposit or pay in full. Once you submit your application and make your payment you will be registered!

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Please check all that apply! All rooms are shared dorms with bunk beds. There are no single or double rooms. Shower stalls are accessible through shared bathrooms. We'll do our best to accommodate everyone's needs and preferences.
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This retreat uses a mix of spaces with varying accessibility and limitations; our commitment to accessibility is a work in progress. It's really helpful for us to know your needs in advance. Please reach out if you have specific questions. Access or functional needs refers to circumstances that are met for providing physical, programmatic, and effective communication access to the whole community by accommodating individual requirements through universal accessibility and/or specific actions or modifications including assistance, accommodation or modification for mobility, communication, transportation, safety, health maintenance, etc.
Have you attended a retreat in the Plum Village / Thich Nhat Hanh tradition in the past? *
Would you like to receive a transmission of the 5 Mindfulness Trainings during this retreat? *
The Five Mindfulness Trainings are based on the precepts developed during the time of the Buddha to be a foundation of practice. They are a non-sectarian, non-religious, concrete way to practice mindfulness.
Volunteering: Advanced Prep
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If you are interested in volunteering during the retreat please check all that apply
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Your payment is on a sliding scale. The low end of the scale is the actual cost for your room and board at the retreat and does not include any money for the teachers. The high end represents the actual cost of room and board plus a $100 honorarium or gift (in Buddhism, known as dana, a sanskrit/pali term) for the teachers for their time, teachings and travel. Choose an amount on the scale that is best for you; on the payment page you can fill in any amount within or above the suggested range. Scholarships have already been awarded. If you have a special circumstance please contact us.

* Once you click submit you’ll be taken to the payment page to make your deposit or pay in full.

*Your registration will not be considered complete until you make your payment. Thank you so!