Developing Powers of Unobstructed Reflection (Larry Ward, PhD)

“The secret to working with (our) hindrances is turning the hindrances into a meditation practice. Not an enemy to be defeated, but a human experience to be investigated. Or as Thich Nhat Hanh would say to us, meditation is about stopping… and looking deeply.

“Meditators from thousands of years ago chose topics to look deeply into (while meditating)… Train yourself: train your mind to recognize the rising of a hindrance. And train your mind to recognize the fading away of a hindrance… this is the Heart Sutra by the way: phenomena rises, and disappears. So even if you just sit for ten minutes every morning, pay attention to the rising and fading away of your breath, in order to train yourself to become comfortable with the rising and falling of everything.

“As you do, you will get more at ease: I don’t mean comfort from a furniture point of view, I mean deep ease, stability, solidity, with the experience of the rising and falling of all things.”

This is the second of four dharma talks by Larry Ward given at the Estes Park, Colorado retreat in Oct. 2016, titled "At Home in the Cool: Restoring Ourselves in the Heart of Our Ancestors"

Filmed and edited by Shane Jewell for Vashon Sangha