Gratitude for Food

Meet Kim Fleisher, a wonderful friend, practitioner and mentee.  

Kim is an educator in Philadelphia.  

She wrote a song for the Five Contemplations called Gratitude for Food.

It is 27 seconds of happiness.

Please enjoy!

About The Song:

 Kim said...

Some teachers asked me if there was a simple, direct song explaining the Buddha's Five Contemplations Before Eating that was easy to learn and remember. I couldn’t find one, so I made it!

About Kim:

I just returned to the east coast from 2 yrs in spacious Taos, NM. Now I live in West Philadelphia, in community with those who value the intersection of spiritual practice, art/music, wellness, play, education, and social justice/activism. Visit us at

Many Faces Sangha


I've been meditating for 20+ years, practicing in the Thich Nhat Hanh tradtition since 2007, and am currently an Order of Interbeing aspirant. I think play is a key to happiness and sacred does not have to always mean serious. Oh, and music moves the soul and wakes it up! I also love practicing Reiki, and working with children (they teach us a lot).