Back from Bangkok!

Dear Lotus Friends,

We held you in our hearts as we facilitated our most recent retreat in Bangkok. A deep bow to all of you.

Around 100 medical professionals gathered for 3 days on "The Science of Compassion:The Art of Healing".

Retreat Center in the sunshine

Retreat Center and Lotus Pond Close-up

The retreat was deep and lovely for all, expressed in the following comments:

Dear Peggy and Larry,

It's good to know you arrived home safely. We had our 'after action meeting' last evening; we took time to reflect, share and review feedback all of us were personally very moved by the retreat and by the amazing feedback from participants.

We felt that both of your teaching was very deep and characterized by simplicity and direct concreteness which allows it to enter into us (and this is supported by participant feedback)

on reflection, we all agreed that the retreat felt very much like a collective experience, where we all flowed together flexibly and smoothly as a river, watering many, many good seeds in all of us, “embodied dharma; responsive dharma; practical dharma.” We're working on plans for next steps.


Ben and other sweet participants at the retreat

Here are some more images from the retreat. Please enjoy!

Sharing the stage with another wise dharma teacher

Peggy being wonderful

Dessert Bangkok style!

A flower for you

Best To You Dear Friend,