Caught In The Storm - Fierce Equanimity

Dear Friends,

These two men who grew up undocumented died trying to save Harvey flood victims:

Alonso Guillén and Tomas Carreon, both born in Mexico and brought to the US as children. They were killed while attempting to rescue residents caught in the storm.

Today during my daily news meditation, the above story broke open my heart. How ironic that on this day our Government threatens many precious young souls, like these young men. Threats with the full power of shadows and cruelty of the xenophobic heart. How tragic that some of us cannot recognize their efforts to raise all of us up to our profound humanity. I salute their hearts of unconditional love in action, seeking to simply help others in need. I dedicate this
day to selfless courage hidden and yet found every day in people across our world.

How did I practice with this awakening heart-break? I rested my heart and mind in the healing power of music, first with Aaron Neville and the 5 blind boys of Alabama singing “People Get Ready," then the voice of Iris De Ment – “Leaning On The Everlasting Arms,” then to the Secret Garden original, “You raise me up", and finally Betsy Rose singing a song based on a poem of Thich Nhat Hanh, “In my Two Hands."

As I held my face as I listened, I went deeper than crying as tears of grace flowed into blessed stillness. My capacity for fierce equanimity deepened, my voice found and my calling to serve filled with bright faith. I remember the teaching of Dainin Katagiri, in a book “You Have to Say Something: Manifesting Zen Insight‬.” So, I wrote this little piece, a deeper look at this news event, (09-05- 2017).

Best in Love,
Chan Dai Aum (True Great Sound)
Larry Ward