A Poem For You

Hello Dear Friends and Practitioners on the Path,

We extend our best wishes for health, happiness, peace and well being to you and all beings in all directions. Thank you for your presence and practice in the world. We are grateful for your spiritual friendship and support. Here's a poem for you, from Larry, as we head into the solstice.

With So Much Love,

Peggy and Larry

A Poem for you

I have been hurt by falling dreams,

tumbling down like great stones from the mountain of hope,

cracking open my heart.

I have had the feeling of losing everything

and (heard? )the sound of being ground up by the world of endurance. 

Tired, sad and weary my heart overflows with tears.

I have met my own fury coursing through my veins as a silent illness, because life did not go my way.

I even thought the moon stole my shoes

I searched everywhere,

over the green countryside

the crowded city streets, the brown deserts,

the snow-capped mountains, and even the dust of stars.

I found myself wrapped in clouds of doubt

In the softness of one holy night the dharma rain fell, the sky cleared,

I looked down and discovered that my shoes had been on my feet all along. My pure heart and pure mind have not been crushed or destroyed by this world’s experiences of disappointment, hatred, violence, and discrimination.

My deepest desire at this moment is to be a poem

and to live a prayer that encourages more love in this world.

- Larry Ward