Reflections on the 50th Anniversary of MLK's Assassination

Hi Dear Friends,

50 years ago on this day, my heart broke.

the air thick with shock, sadness, and fear.

Fires burning, shouts and screams,

and yet the dead MLK was present.

Riding on the river of tears

Silence, I found my calling

Silence, I wrote my first sermon

Silence, I found my voice.

A few years ago at the Northridge campus of the University of California, I served on a panel with Reverend Lawson. Our topic was to describe our tradition's vision of a just society.

I remembered then a few villages in India that he visited while training in Gandhi's strategy of non-violence for social change. He is a fine man and a true pastor in his continued service to the world. To hear him speak of justice in economic, political and cultural dimensions makes my heart sing. Please enjoy the clip below.