Shaking The Temple- Love, News and Announcements

Maybe it's because
I'm 70 years old,
and I see the alpha and omega
of all things

I say that each of us
are called to shake the temples
of heaven and earth
as we construct
the sanctuary of hearts

Fill this sanctuary
however small, however mundane
with the thunder of fierce equanimity
with the wind of compassion
with the elegance of joy
with the grace of bravery
and the sweetness of love

no birth and no death
hide in all phenomena
and all things that come
into the view of your body
and mind

Be not afraid,
flee not
despair not
fall deeper into the depths of awakening of your precious humanity

Larry Ward
Columbus, Ohio
March 2018

Lotus has been working hard this past year to create infrastructure that better  supports you to shake the temple!  We've held multiple think tanks with regional sangha members and created a plan to move Lotus forward.

Many of you have met or been introduced via email to Kim Fleisher, who is helping craft and implement this vision. We are pleased to welcome her as our new Operations Director!  You may hear from Kim as we refine retreat coordination and launch new programs. She's basically the director of making-stuff-happen, so when there are needs or questions around details, you might be talking to her in addition to or instead of me or Larry. Welcome Kim! Her new Lotus email is, fittingly, lotusteamhelp at gmail dot com.

Kim will be helping us with things like streamlining retreat coordination, video/audio recording and uploading (and making it easily accessible to you!), communication, refining the website, creating online programming (that's right - online classes!), and launching a better, more accessible model for those of you who want to support Lotus and have a voice in our operations. We've chosen Patreon- It's a service that allows you to give a monthly donation, as low as $1, to support Lotus and make it more accessible to others. As a 'patron' you also receive a platform to have a special voice in helping steer the direction of Lotus activities. Together we can make things happen! Stay tuned for our Patreon launch...

In other news, we are moving! Charlie, Larry and I will be landing in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It's a big process that's requiring a lot of time and energy. We thank you for your patience, love and support as we make this next, exciting step!

With so much love for you, for the earth, and for all beings,
Peggy, Larry, Charlie and Kim