Embrace Change: A FREE online summit from Lion’s Roar

Registration Now Open!

June 13 – June 16, 2019

Dear Ones,

We were selected to be a part of Lion’s Roar Magazine’s Online Summit- Embracing Change. It’s our first virtual summit and has been great practice for teaching online. It was fun, challenging and wow- new. We are not used to talking to a camera without people there! You should have seen us in our house setting up all the equipment… we think we did okay! We learned a lot and are excited to apply it to the first online class we’re working on for Lotus, by request of many of you. More info on that soon! In the meanwhile, if you have tips on how to work in front of a camera without looking like you’re reading from notes, how to use a teleprompter, lighting (especially for Larry - auto settings on cameras were not made to shoot dark skin. They’re bias like so much else in our world) , or any other video tricks, feel free to send them our way. We’d really appreciate it.

Anyway…. The theme of the summit is the realization that everything is impermanent. It’s one of the greatest Buddhist teachings, and it’s undeniably true. We will all experience loss, aging, illness and death — and the pain that comes with them.

It can be tempting to try to avoid these difficult truths. But what happens if we embrace change instead of avoiding it (as we so often do!)? The summit aims to explore this question. This free online event will offer insights and supportive practices to help you explore the unexpected gifts that come when we relate directly with life’s inevitable changes and learn to live with impermanence.

  • 4 days of empowering insights

  • 18 of today’s leading Buddhist teachers and compassionate caregivers (including us and teachers like Joanna Hardy and Joan Halifax!)

  • 15 inspirational spiritual talks

  • 14 guided meditation practices

Embrace Change aims to show you how to:

  • Make peace with life’s inevitable changes

  • See difficulties as fuel for transformation

  • Connect more deeply with others

  • Develop a nourishing self-care practice

  • Relate to dying as an essential part of life

Sign up for this free event to discover new ways to work with suffering, live more fully in the moment and become more at peace with change. Participants will have free 24-hour access to each day’s talks and guided meditations during the 4-day summit.

Recognizing and opening our hearts to suffering is the very path out of it, enabling us to live wholeheartedly in the present.

We hope you will join us June 13–16 for this very special opportunity to explore and embrace change.