Don't Be Confused

Hello Dear Ones!

Greetings from Taos, NM!

We are so happy to release the newest dharma talk by Larry that was given upon Peggy and Larry's arrival to the Southwest at Open Heart Sangha in Taos. Open Heart is a sangha filled with longtime practitioners in the Plum Village Tradition (over 20 years), and we were so glad to practice together with old friends and new. A special thanks to Stephen Rose and Barbara Zaring for organizing this event!

The dharma talk is titled, "Don't Be Confused," and we hope you find it timely, relevant, and helpful.

Many of you have also asked how you can support the work of Lotus so we can increase the amount of accessible, free high quality content, provide more scholarships, grow our support for people of color, and create more in-depth, accessible retreat experiences. After over a year of planning we finally launched our Patreon page, the vehicle we've chosen for this. Patreon allows patrons to give as little as $1/month and still have their support be as meaningful and helpful as someone who gives $1000/month! Please take a look and consider giving. Patrons also get access to Patron-only posts where we share works in process (like sneak peaks of our new website), patron-only dharma teachings (talks, teachings, poems, etc), musings, random surprises, updates on projects, and early access to material. We'll also check in with you for insight about Lotus' direction- patrons are the beloved community to help shape where we're going. THANK YOU SO MUCH! 


Best In Love,

The Lotus Team