Love Farmers and Bitter Pills

Dear Friends,

“ Are you breathing? Are fingers and toes there?
A broken heart is its own nourishment, a bitter pill.
An invitation to the Cave of the Blue Dragon,
where all forgotten suffering lies.
Look deeply, for here the sacred pearl is hidden.
Are you breathing? Are fingers and toes there?
A broken heart is its own nourishment, a bitter pill."

- Larry Ward

Larry once wrote this to me in support, as a reply to my heartbreak during a major life transition. I often return to it when I am overwhelmed by the countless world and people tragedies, past and current, and by the waves of systemic injustice, oppression and exploitation we are swimming in a sea of. 

And then I go out into the world, into my beautiful, complicated city, and am awe-inspired and moved to tears by the hope I find in people.

Lotus Institute is growing. Thanks to our amazing Patreon patrons, we are now able to support many of our monthly tech needs. We’re so close to launching our new website, which will make it easier for you to find supportive material like dharma talks. We’re in the process of building online classes in response to your many requests to study virtually with Peggy and Larry (both live and at your own pace). We’re working on frameworks to give you clear paths of practice... Stay tuned for new offerings like an online deep practice intensive in the new year with Peggy, an online training on The Four Gates of Mindfulness with Larry, and an online intensive with Larry on America’s Racial Karma. Also, if you happen to be in or near (or want to visit) Japan, Mexico, or Philly soon, check out the Lotus calendar for what’s coming up this fall. We’re doing our best to make retreats affordable and public talks free (by donation). Through the wild support of Patreon patrons, we’re also able to provide more scholarship money than ever for programs like online classes or in person retreats that do cost money. As you can tell I’m overwhelmed and humbled by the support! If you want to become a patron check out our page here:

We also have some new Lotus Board members and advisors that we can’t wait to introduce to you - stay tuned! In the compost of our world I consider them some of the best farmers around. I’m so honored to be making something beautiful with them, through Lotus, something that bolsters and supports love-farmers like you to keep doing your work for individual and collective healing and transformation.

Remember a while back in the post I told you about being inspired going out into my beautiful, complicated city? Well, I’ll end this post with a little snippet of joy I’ve found. Warning, it’s musical and may make you smile, cry or sing along! It’s from a Ladies Rock camp organized by Girls Rock Philly. Take a peek (and a listen). P.S- I will neither confirm nor deny that I am the one in the bright, yellow hoodie.

More Soon!

With So Much Love and Respect,
Kim Fleisher (True Beautiful Dwelling)                                                                                  Operations Director, The Lotus Institute

PPS- here’s a fancy snapshot of Larry in Taos - he and Peggy tried for days to shoot videos that mostly didn’t work as a thank you to patrons, but he was able to capture this artsy shot of him reading a poem. More soon too from them on the epic adventure of house finding and the practice of finding true home inside yourself.