Sacred Revolution

Sacred Revolution- Our emerging holiness

This month we are happy to share with you a recent talk given in Philadelphia at the Ancestry in Progress Retreat. The talk, by Larry, was about the kinds of revolutions which are going on around the world, how they are shaping the future of people/the earth, how they call forth the energy of the Bodhisattva, and how our work, our holiness, and our embodiment is the living ground of our ancestor’s wildest dreams. It also discusses related topics like how to talk to your children about being brown in this world, living through systemic collapse, trauma and resiliency, neuroplasticity, deepening your practice, and the vast importance of staying embodied. Larry adds,

Our identities live within life's web of intersectionality.

We are the presence of living ancestry.

Because our ancestry is alive within us and among us there is no escape from its influences.

We live at an urgent moment for the earth's next revolution.

Our great work lies in recognizing, healing and transforming the ancestral patterns and potentials within ourselves and society.

We practice in order to embody wellness, justice and profound meaning as the living ground of beloved community.

Stand up in the house of belonging

Take your seat in the field of transformation and healing

Ride the wind of the dharma through time and space.

Here’s the talk:

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We are so grateful for your practice of love, your presence in the world and your support.

Best in Love,

Larry, Peggy and Kim


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