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Kyoto, Japan: Adventures in Deep Buddhism

This year we’re working on making more of the Japan events accessible also to those coming from outside of Japan. If you’re thinking of attending this retreat and you live outside of Japan, take a look at this travel planning support sheet. Also, for specific questions please contact local sangha event coordinator Beatrice, contact info is inside the support sheet.

Adventures in Deep Buddhism at the Myoshin-ji Temple

2-Day Workshop at Myonshin-ji temple: Be Yourself: Wake Up to your Precious Life

Sunday, Sept 15 - 10:30-4:30 & Monday, Sept 16 10:30-4:30

DAY 1 Be Yourself: Your are Unique, You are Beautiful

The first day will be about recognizing, deepening and celebrating the uniqueness of you. We will explore:

・How to cultivate the freedom to be yourself,

・How to live our unique precious life and be a harmonious part of the great whole,

・How to respect our uniqueness and differences and transform our feelings of loneliness into solitude, fusion into belonging.

DAY 2 Be Yourself: Express your Talents and Offer them to the World

The second day will be about reconnecting to our aspirations, gifts and talents and offer them to our communities and society. We will ask ourselves:

・How to recognize and enhance our inherent qualities, our natural abilities,

・How can we vision our life purpose and put our talents into work,

・What can we offer to heal our communities and society with wisdom and compassion,

・How to transform the seeds of doubts that hold us back from realizing our deepest aspirations.

* The workshop will be conducted in English with Japanese translation.


2-Day Ticket $263 USD

One-Day Ticket $141 USD

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Larry’s Love Poem To Kyoto: