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Mexico Bodhisattva Wisdom School- Kshitigarba, The Bodhisattva of Great Aspiration

  • Monasterio Benedictino 62300 Cuernavaca - Ciudad de México Cuernavaca, Mor. Mexico (map)

The Bodhisattva Wisdom School: A Life of Great Aspiration

At the Monasterio Benedictino in Tepotzlan (approx. 1.5 hr from Mexico city)

Join senior Dharma Teachers Peggy Rowe, EdD and Larry Ward, PhD for their third Bodhisattva Wisdom School in Mexico, March-13-17, 2020.

The human species is realizing the deep need to transform our thinking, speech and behaviors conditioned by the modern world. If we do not meet this urgency with all of our hearts, much if not all will be lost. At some level, all of us are stunned by the immensity of this planetary call. How can we respond as caring wise persons?

Enhancing the quality and depth of our action is of utmost importance. Thich Nhat Hanh describes these qualities as aspects of the Bodhisattva earth-store. These are stability of heart and mind, long-lasting commitment and preserving in the good in order to bring healing to every individual and society as a whole. Earth-store consciousness compels one to not stop working to lead all beings to their buddha nature, until all realms of hell are empty.

During this school, we will deepen our understanding of the realms of suffering and their release by exploring the vows and practices of this wise compassionate being within. Our focus is to nourish and release the realm of action of the earth-store Bodhisattva in each of us. Please come to this opportunity for deep refreshment, deeper learning and deeper still playfulness.

We will use practices of Noble Silence, sitting and walking meditation, dharma talks, activities, sharing from the heart, music, art and community ritual which can empower us on the Bodhisattva Way.

A poem to meditate on:

Christopher Fry, "A Sleep of Prisoners"

The human heart can go to the lengths of God.

Dark and cold we may be, but this is no winter now.

The frozen misery of centuries breaks, cracks, begins to move.

The thunder is the thunder of the floes, the thaw, the flood,

the upstart Spring.

Thank God our time is now, when wrong comes up,

to face us everywhere

Never to leave us till we take the longest stride of soul

men ever took.

Affairs are now soul size.

The enterprise is exploration into God.

What are you making for?

It takes so many thousand years to wake.

But will you wake for pity's sake?


The retreat will start the evening of Friday, March 13th, 2019 and end before lunch on Tuesday, March 17th. All meals are vegetarian and non-dairy options are available. Please let us know if you need a non-dairy option or have any food allergies. Small single rooms are no extra charge so you can let us know if you'd prefer a single or double room. 


There are buses that run regularly from the Mexico City Airport (MEX) to Cuernavaca, the line is Pullman de Morelos, it takes less the 90 minutes, and the cost is MXN 250.- (US $13!). From the bus terminal Casino de la Selva in Cuernavaca a taxi brings you to the Monasterio Benedictino in Ahuatepec. 

Uber is also a possibility directly from the airport to the monastery. If you’d like, we can connect you with others coming from the airport to coordinate.

*Note, past retreat participants report that travel is very easy, reliable and straightforward. 


Please email peggy at thelotusinstitute dot org to register and click the button below for payment for room and board. We can provide more detailed instructions after registration. Thank you! 


Peggy and Larry follow a long tradition of offering the Buddha’s teachings without charge, as these teachings are priceless. As part of this tradition those receiving the teachings support the teacher. Therefore we ask that you also please consider making a donation at the retreat according to your means and the value you feel you have received. Suggested Dana is $25 per day or $200 for the retreat and may be paid by cash or check on-site, or via paypal to The Lotus Institute using the link below. Opportunity for Dana or contributions to teachers is welcome but not expected.