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Kyoto, Japan: The 4 Gates of Mindfulness Retreat

The Four Gates of Mindfulness Retreat at Kansai Seminar House

Saturday, September 21st - Monday, September 23rd

In many Buddhist Temple designs, there are gates you enter to get to the heart of the temple. These gates represent thresholds you must pass through to arrive at new beginnings. Each gate is a symbol and a spiritual invitation to go into deeper levels of practice, awakening to meet the Buddha within. This retreat introduces participants to the journey through each gate. It is a journey of unbinding karma, recognizing its release, and embodying the experience of liberation. During this retreat participants will learn ways of unbinding karma and generating a practice life that empowers individual and collective healing, transformation and liberation. 

In English with Japanese Translation


North Wing $615 USD

South Wing $638 USD

Commuter $521 USD

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