The Rising Morning Sun: Mystery School Dharma Teachings in Mexico

In 2017 we completed The Mastery of Mindfulness Program. It was a powerful and transformative experience for all who participated. This program marked a turn in Lotus’s directions toward longer and deeper Dharma offerings. Announcing the Bodhisattva Mystery School, Mexico February, 2018.

The Rising Morning Sun: A Mystery School on the vows and practices of Bodhisattva Samantabhadra (the Heart of great Action)

Join Dharma Teachers Drs. Peggy Rowe and Larry Ward for a unique Mystery School and an experiential dive into the vows and practices of the Bodhisattva Samantabadra, The Heart of Great Action, who in Sri Lanka is also known as, “The Rising Morning Sun." A Mystery School is an ancient way offering opportunities for those who wish to go deeper in their spiritual journey on the Bodhisattva Path. It is a gathering of individuals bound by one common purpose, the vow of the Bodhisattva: service to all beings, a service intelligently and compassionately rendered born of spirit, love and wisdom. 

The Lotus’s Institute’s Mystery School is inspired by the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh and is created with energies of peace, hope, creativity, joy, and fierce equanimity. We seek to enhance the alchemy of individual embodiment of the Bodhisattva Path. Our goal is enlivening the dharma with experiential exercises, meaningful insight and creative expression. Each session is a chance to enjoy the precious presence of beloved community as we explore the aspirations, qualities and practices of the Bodhisattvas together. For our first Mystery School, we are collaborating with our Mexican Order of Interbeing friends, and  all activities will be translated into both Spanish and English. 

Let us together cultivate the mind of love in action. Join us for a time of deep learning at the intersections of buddhist psychology,  body- centered healing, contemplative neuroscience and social imagination. Take the time to give yourself a taste of mirth and magic in a creative cauldron of insight, inspiration and community. Our aim is to empower ourselves like the rising morning sun, its energy bringing light and warmth to the earth’s depths. The call is to nourish the best seeds in all of us into full awakening as we reimagine the world’s soul. We will enjoy ourselves with mindfulness practices, artistic expressions, group discussions, and dharma talks on Bodhisattva Samantabhadra. 

The retreat will start the evening of Friday, February 2nd and end before lunch on Thursday, February 8th. The retreat room and board costs includes 6 nights and vegetarian meals for only USD $300.00.

Peggy ​and ​Larry ​follow ​a ​long ​tradition ​of ​offering ​the ​Buddha’s ​teachings ​without ​charge, ​as ​these ​teachings ​are ​priceless. ​As ​part ​of ​this ​tradition ​those ​receiving ​the ​teachings ​support ​the ​teacher. ​Therefore we ask that you also please ​consider ​making ​a ​donation ​at ​the ​retreat ​according ​to ​your ​means ​and ​the ​value ​you ​feel ​you ​have ​received. ​Suggested ​Dana ​is ​$25 ​per ​day ​or ​$175 ​for ​the ​retreat ​and ​may ​be ​paid ​by ​cash ​or ​check ​on-site, or via paypal using the donation button (image of the singing bowl) found on this page. Opportunity for Dana or contributions to teachers is welcome but not expected. 

Travel: There are buses that run regularly from the Mexico City Airport to Cuernavaca, the line is Pullman de Morelos, it takes less the 90 minutes, and the cost is MXN 250.- (US $13!). From the bus terminal Casino de la Selva in Cuernavaca a taxi brings you to the Monasterio Benedictino in Ahuatepec. Please email to register and click the button below for payment. We can provide more detailed instructions after registration. Thank you! 

Retreat Registration Payment: